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5 New Tools for Marketing in Dynamics 365

Jun 18, 2018

This past April, Microsoft released Dynamics 365 for Marketing, an application that can create and nurture leads, align sales and marketing, innovate with a modern and adaptable platform, and help you make smarter decisions to improve your ROI. Here are 5 new tools in the Dynaamics 365 for Marketing to help you build stronger relationships and better understand your prospects.

1. Multi-Channel Campaign Orchestration with Customer Journeys

The Customer Journey designer lets you quickly configure templates and track your customer's journey through a drag and drop system. Marketers can set up a Customer Journey that guides your buyer based on their level of engagement during a campaign, rating their relationship to your organization based on their interactions. 

Marketers can also set up rules to identify target segments with detailed demographic, firmographic and interaction data within the Dynamic Segment Designer. These rules allow for granular messaging to your segmented audiences. Sending and tracking high-volume email campaigns to your target audiences with dynamic content is made easy, along with insight into customer interaction metrics including opens, forwards, click-through and bounce rates. 

Promoting webinars and in-person events provide rich engagement across all your channels. Features that help you track customer interactions, assess demographic profiles and relationship rankings allow for better targeted outreach for events and webinars. Post-event or webinar follow-up surveys gather feedback and log lead generation can be streamlined with the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms connector. 

2. Content Creation

Professionally designed templates are ready for email and marketing campaigns with customizable color palettes and support in the Dynamics 365 for Marketing tool. The email designer allows for graphical tools to create personalized emails with dynamic content. When designing landing pages, Dynamics 365 for Marketing collects information from new and existing contacts that visit and interact with the page. 

3. Event Management

Managing and tracking event registration and attendance keeps you organized for all of your company events. Manage information such as:

  • Speakers,
  • Venues,
  • Sponsors,
  • Schedules,
  • Event passes and more!

Store all your information related to events in Dynamics 365 and build off existing event campaigns in the future. Using Event Management for integration with the ON24 webinar service enables global participation in both web-only and hybrid live/web sessions. The comprehensive event portal makes it easy for attendees to view speaker bios, review the session schedule, register for events and sessions, and manage their event calendar.

4. Lead Management

Find and convert leads with ease to build stronger on-going relationships within the Customer Journey, effectively managing lead generation initiatives. Using the multiple lead scoring system, you can set up automated scoring rules to help identify your hottest leads, with multiple models running concurrently, and automatic forwarding to sales when ready. You can then score leads based on behavior, demographics, and firmographics. 

5. Embedded Marketing Insights

Analyze all interactions recorded for each lead and customer via the Embedded Marketing Insights tool, which allows marketers to follow and track all aspects of the Customer Journey. Marketers will have in-place insights and relevant interaction record views for each Customer Journey, email campaign, and landing page for easy drill-down metrics. 

Upgrade your business' sales and marketing activities with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. 

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