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Oct 22, 2018

Covenant Technology Partners helps technology leaders successfully implement business solutions that achieve significant and sustainable results. We specialize in Power BI solutions for a variety of businesses and industries. Our team of Data Analytics Experts will work with you to define your goals and objectives for high-quality data visualizations, so you can make better business decisions from your vast resources of information.

Jason Roy, author and Data Analytics for Covenant, works closely with Power BI implementations and can help bring Power BI to your organization.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a suite of analytical tools for developing interactive and dynamic data visualizations for your organization. The flexible platform allows you to connect and compile a multitude of data sources for a comprehensive analysis of your insights.

The “Power of BI” is subject to an organization’s development capabilities and reporting needs. Using Power Query (M), DAX, and R, developers add value to their organization, fulfilling their business needs for complete, accurate, and engaging data displays. Power BI comes equipped with a variety of useful out-of-the-box visualizations and allows downloaded or imported templates from the marketplace. Developers can also create their own custom visualizations to report on their specific business needs.

Microsoft provides monthly updates to the Power BI service, keeping the platform and its capabilities current and up-to-date. Communications of updates appear on the Microsoft Power BI Blog as they are rolled out. Additionally, Microsoft frequently gauges client needs through their Power BI Ideas forum, an online discussion board to submit and vote on ideas and features from all users.

​Gartner has rated Microsoft among the leaders in Business Intelligence and Analytics, and given the boundless opportunities Power BI presents, we agree!

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Not ready to set up a meeting? It’s ok! You can find more information on how Power BI can elevate your business through Webinars and Videos on the Power BI Community site with tips and tricks for leveraging Power BI. The videos here give you a glimpse of how to develop custom visualizations, best practices, and much more!

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