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Intranet Kit Advisory Council

Apr 17, 2018

The Intranet Kit Advisory Council met at Great Cirlce on April 17th, 2018 to discuss the release of Covenant's Intranet Kit 2.0 along with new features and capabiities of the platform. Energizer and Milestone Equipment Holdings presented their experiences with the Intranet Kit 2.0 to the Advisory Council.  


Milestone-IK.pngJennifer Schaefer, Executive Administrative Assistant and the administrator of Milestone's Intranet Kit provided insightful feedback stating,
Even for somebody without an IT background, it’s incredibly easy. 
Covenant was able to implement Milestone's Intranet Kit 2.0 in two weeks, releasing to all 75 locations nationwide simultaneously.  
To learn more about Milestone's journey with Covenant's Intranet Kit 2.0

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IKAC_Energizer.jpgJamie Miller, Communications Specialist at Energizer, explained how SharePoint Online was difficult to navigate and not functional for their users prior to implmentation of their Intranet Kit. 

With over 4,500 users and looking to double that in the near future, Energizer needed an Intranet that was functional, easy to use and navigate. Their Intranet is a part of an overall initiative to modernize their workplace. 

Download the Deck from the Intranet Advisory Council