Covenant Technology Partners

Proactive Security Briefing

May 15, 2018

Bruce Gagliolo, Senior Architect and Modern Workplace Leader with Covenant Technology Partners presented on Identity-Driven Security for business, educating IT leaders on why controls around identity information can keep our users, devices, apps and data secure. 

Changes in Security

33a240d1-6edf-4b4e-a221-5d930ec0f23a.pngWhat if each employee had a single protected identity?

While your employees have changes the way they interact with their devices, they have created new security gaps for IT to solve. Identitiy-Driven Security addresses the challenges of today and tomorrow across users, devices, apps, data and platforms. 

  1. Protect at your front door

  2. Protect your data against user mistakes

  3. Detect attacks before they cause damage


Microsoft Intelligent Secuirty Graph

a13cb498-15b5-47ff-8156-36d2cc4becbb.pngAcross your network, continue to evolve your security intelligence with real-time insights and predictive intelligence. The Security Graph, formed by trillions of signals from billions of sources can help better detect attacks. 

The more visibility and control you have into your environment, the more you can keep it safely secured. Microsoft Identity-Driven Security offers deep visibility and strong data controls for the cloud apps your employees use, giving you complete context and granular-level policies. Gain the ability to classify and label files at creation, track employee usage, and change permissions when necessary.

Secure Score

Ever wonder how secure your Office365 organization really is?  Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. Think of it as a credit score for security


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