Microsoft Teams Update for November 2022

by | Dec 28, 2022

Desktop and web


Microsoft Polls for quick check-ins

Presenters can launch a poll without preparing in advance. Simply ask your question aloud and people can answer by selecting one of two answers (yes or no, thumbs up or down, heart or broken heart).


Breakout rooms support people calling in to meetings

You can now allow attendees who join a meeting by calling in (PSTN participants) to join breakout rooms and come back to the main meeting after the breakout rooms end.


Automatically see more videos in Teams meetings

Teams meetings now automatically will show you up to 49 participants’ videos by default. You’ll no longer have to switch to the large gallery view.


Incoming telephone calls open in second window

Your admin can now turn on a setting that will automatically pop a new incoming phone call into a browser window alongside Teams. It will show you relevant information about the person calling. You can still turn this off from your call settings.


Send your message later

You can now schedule a message to arrive at a specific time for your recipient. Perfect for working with international teams. Similar to the delayed delivery option in Outlook, you can manually select a future date and time for your chat messages to be delivered to an individual.

Right-click the send button to schedule your message.


Start a group chat with your different groups

Teams chat with distribution groups, mail-enabled security groups, and your Office 365 groups. However, you’re still limited to the the max number of members allowed in a chat, which is currently set to 250 members.


View an entire chat thread in search

Now when you select a message in your search results in Teams, you can see the entire message thread, regardless of how old the message is.


Filter your activity for unread notifications

Now, when you go to Activity, you can turn the Unread only toggle on to filter out all notifications except for the ones you haven’t read yet.


Upload documents for signing directly from OneDrive for Business

When creating an e-signature request in the Approvals app, you can now upload a document directly from OneDrive for Business. This allows you to access your documents from anywhere and on any device.