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LMS365 looks forward to strengthen our knowledge and competencies for Viva Learning via our partnership with Covenant Technology Partners

Who is LMS365?

LMS365 provides a complete learning management platform for Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams, keeping customer content and data in a single, secure platform.
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What can LMS365 do for you?

Employee Onboarding

Automate the onboarding process and easily deliver important content to new hires

Tracking and Reporting

Accurately track and report on learner progress to meet regulatory and corporate requirements

Compliance Training

Automate the process of managing corporate, health, safety, financial, regulatory, and other compliance training

Democratized Learning

Change knowledge into learning by empowering your employees to find, suggest or create training

Software Adoption

Get employees onboard with new technologies with tool trainings and adoption analysis

Personalized Training Plans

Create personalized training plans to ensure each individual employee receives the training they require

Social Learning

Create content that is more interactive and collaborative to boost team engagement

Data-driven Decisions

Make data-driven decisions through ready-made, analytical Power BI templates and fully customized data dashboards


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Teams and LMS365

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Viva Learning & LMS365

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The Modern Microsoft 365 Learning Platform

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