Our Method: Tailored To You

Covenant tailors your Managed Services Program to meet your specific requirements and budget. Our team maintains the security and health of your environment through both proactive services and responsive actions. We maintain security, reduce costs, reduce risk, and help improve performance thus avoiding outages, breaches and user complaints. Covenant’s ability to provide 24/7 monitoring combined with our experience and IT leadership provides a comprehensive solution to your IT costs and concerns.

Covenant's Managed Services

We Specialize in Managing Microsoft-based Solutions

  • Microsoft/Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • Dynamics CE (CRM)
  • Dynamics F&O
  • .NET Applications
  • Azure Services
  • Security
  • Data Management

Experience + IT Leadership

Covenant leverages rich Intellectual Property and deep Microsoft solution expertise to optimize the health and performance of your environment. Our IP and capabilities include: 

  • Chat-bot: Tier-0 AI enabled chat-bot to proactively resolve issues before engaging the helpdesk
  • 24/7: Proactive solution monitoring around the clock
  • Knowledge-base: Solution knowledge-base and training for your helpdesk (Tier-1) enabling first contact resolution
  • Assessment of Solution Health: We do not wait for a system to fail before acting. System failures are much less costly when the issues are resolved before users are impacted
  • Health Maintenance: On-going patching and tuning to optimize the solution performance based on the business needs
  • World-class Tier-2 and Tier-3 Solution Resources: Our team includes some of the best architects, of these solutions, in the U.S.  Very few if any MSPs have the ability to escalate issues to such a high level
  • Microsoft: We have direct access to Microsoft support and product team resources
  • World-class IT Leaders: Virtual CIO, CISO and architecture leadership for road mapping, project planning and achieving ROI on your IT budget


How it Works

There are two main options on which to base your contract:

Pay per Incident 

With this plan, you will get a health assessment and access to our case management system to log and review cases. You will also receive a regular solution health check to review issues and discuss a road map. 

Performance SLA 

This plan is optimized to your needs over a period of time.  You may optimize for cost reduction, risk reduction, performance, and/or user experience. 

Insights on Managed Services

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What Our Clients Say

“This information is gold; the content is excellent. I will be presenting this to our president.”

Chris Petraglia, 1st Choice Delivery Director

Why Managed Services?

You need your systems to work. You want to avoid data loss and operational disruption. You want your users happy and your services secure from attacks. Our Managed Services can help you achieve these needs. Reach out here to learn more.