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Tool Purpose

Many organizations pursuing digital transformation can experience unexpected results and surprise costs. While the overall objective remains sound and the roadmap is clear, these speedbumps can distract from the mission. Covenant’s Business Applications team has developed a solution for organizations using Dynamics 365 and desire more efficient business processes and cost savings on storage.

Capacity (or storage) in Dynamics 365 includes the Dynamics Database, all attachment files, and system log files. Many organizations enable the SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365 to store files, however when an email arrives with an attachment, the user must perform a number of manual steps to store that attachment in SharePoint and remove it from Dynamics 365.

If your users are performing repetitive manual processes to manage your storage costs, or you are paying for excess Dynamics 365 storage, either now, or anticipated to do so in the future, then Covenant’s Capacity Reducer can save you both time, and money.

Covenant’s Approach:

In working with several of our clients, Covenant developed a solution that moves an email or note attachment to a SharePoint document library related to the record. We also take it one step further and update the email and/or note with a link to the file in the SharePoint document library.

Covenant has built this for emails and notes relating to Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Opportunities.

NOTE: For Contacts, Cases, and Opportunities, there must be a related Account for this process to work. If you would like to adjust that for your needs, please reach out to Covenant.

Cases & Opportunities

For Cases and Opportunities, we keep the files on the email and/or note until the Case or Opportunity is in a closed state. Once the record is closed, we create the document library for that record, move the attachment(s) to the library, then we remove the attachment from the emails and/or notes related to the Case or Opportunity.

Accounts & Contacts

For Accounts and Contacts, we move the attachments as soon as the email and/or note is created with an attachment.

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