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Importing related lookup records into Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has always been a challenge. For example, when adding new contacts with new accounts, the accounts must be imported before the contacts. If the account record already exists, the import process may skip the record without updating. Or, when allowed, a duplicate record may be created, and it must then be de-duped, merged, or otherwise cleaned up. In response to these challenges, Covenant has created our ‘Smart Import Manager’.


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In working with several of our clients and our internal Dynamics 365 Imports, Covenant has developed a Dynamics 365 Data Import Solution to address these challenges. Our Smart Import Manager helps users and system administrators deal with Dynamics 365 data import dependencies during the import process.

Smart Import Manager then deletes all records that were successfully processed, leaving only those records with a status of Duplicate Contact and Active. These records are then manually evaluated, and a decision made to either update the existing record or create a new record.

Smart Import Manager processes data import records from an import staging table on a schedule of your choosing. When duplicate records exist in the data import staging table, Smart Import Manager skips those records and processes all other records normally.

Using Smart Import Manager is easy! Simply import data files into the import staging table and processing will run on a regular schedule. If you want to spend more time benefiting from your Dynamics investment and less time wrestling data, Smart Import Manager may be just the solution you need!

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