Microsoft Viva

People are the driving force in your organization. When you invest in your people and focus on improving the employee experience, you can directly impact employee engagement, retention, satisfaction, and the company’s overall success.​

Empower your people and teams to be their best

Microsoft Viva is a digital platform that puts people at the center by bringing together systems of work with systems of support into an integrated employee experience, providing people with the resources and support they need to succeed and thrive, no matter their location.

Empower your employees:

to feel more connected and aligned to your company purpose while inspiring them to grow and make an impact.

Empower your leaders:

with a modern way to engage, develop, support, and motivate their employees.

Empower IT:

to quickly enable a modern employee experience without having to rip and replace all your existing systems. 

Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Viva brings together communications, insights, knowledge, and learning within the flow of everyday work

Microsoft Viva Collaboration

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