Power BI Jumpstart

by | Nov 30, 2021

Our Power BI Jumpstart is an end-to-end engagement to accelerate your organization’s Power BI implementation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Power BI and, while there are several solutions we typically suggest, it is entirely based on your organizational needs. Covenant Technology Partners will assist your team in determining which approach works best for your organization. We will work together to provide a roadmap that makes sense for you as well as lead the implementation of Power BI to ensure the smoothest, most efficient deployment possible.

Example Timeline:

  • Discovery (1 week)
    • Identify key organizational reports that need to be recreated or built from the ground up. Determine the data sources for these reports and define any business logic as needed.
  • Design (1 – 2 weeks)
    • Utilize Power BI to create reports as defined in discovery phase. This includes testing and validation.
  • Pilot (1 week)
    • Train users how to view reports and/or build reports using a self-service BI approach. Provide support as needed.
  • Transition (2 days)
    • Roadmap, advisory services



  • We can help your organization build out several reports that will drive your key metrics.
  • We offer a variety of Power BI training classes, both traditional Power BI training as well as any customized for your organizational needs.
  • Assist in building a Power BI environment from the ground up and architecting for long-term success and adoption.
  • Customized solutions towards your business requirements.
  • NOTE: The length of the engagement can be adjusted as needed.



  • Create the framework for a flexible, accurate Power BI environment
  • One or two reports that allow your organization to achieve actionable insights.
  • A roadmap to expand your reporting environment as needed.
  • A better understanding of the capabilities of Power BI and how to use the tool.


For more information please contact Jason Roy at JRoy@mailctp.com