Start Building Your Future With AI

Our team of experts can show you how AI can help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. How it can also be used to improve customer service, automate mundane tasks, and provide insights into customer behavior. We can also show you how AI can be used to predict trends, forecast outcomes, and provide recommendations for better decision-making.

Transform your business with efficiency

We can advise you on several ways to leverage the Microsoft Cloud and take advantage of the momentous business growth that only AI can provide. Meet with us to get started on your AI journey, and let’s discuss these exciting ways you can accelerate innovation. 

Get Ready to Lead in the AI Revolution

Get Your Data Estate AI-Ready with Azure

Migrating your data can give you the foundation for better AI experiences.

Start Building AI Apps

Use Azure AI to power new apps or add AI capabilities to existing services and products.

Increase Efficiency and Flow with GitHub

Learn how GitHub Copilot improves developer productivity.

Turbocharge your workforce with Dynamics 365 Copilot

AI capabilities help you create content faster, automate time-consuming tasks, and get AI-driven insights.

Get Ready for Copilot with Microsoft 365

Bring together identity, applications, management, security, and your enterprise data to help you get AI-ready.


Get Prepared for Microsoft Security Copilot

Microsoft Security provides exceptional visibility, automation, and intelligence.

The Era of AI is Here

The era of AI is here, and it’s reshaping the future of work across all industries. Gain a competitive edge and experience the benefits of AI-driven innovation with Covenant Technology Partners and Microsoft Cloud.

Let us help you reimagine what’s possible for your business while fostering positive impact. Leverage powerful, easy-to-use AI solutions to turbocharge your workforce, transform customer experience, and gain data-driven insights that will help you make the right decisions.

Let the power of AI revolutionize your business in a responsible way. Start your journey and innovate confidently today.

Eager to Learn More?

From efficiency and productivity gains to new capabilities and improved speed of business, AI is here to offer tangible benefits for everyone—not just developers and data scientists.

We can help you get started with Microsoft Cloud today and leverage a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools designed to help you drive exponential success.

We can help you stand out from competition and get started on your journey towards limitless innovation with AI.

View Our OpenAI AppSource Offering!

Microsoft 365 with OpenAI and ChatGPT

Held in-person or virtually this discovery engagement focuses specifically around understanding the application and use of Microsoft 365, OpenAI and ChatGPT, tailored specifically for your organization. This discovery is a 3-5-day engagement.


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Increase your business’s competitive advantage in the marketplace by letting our highly experienced team design and implement cost-effective, highly scalable solutions to optimize your business processes. Whether you need integration to existing systems or an entirely new system, our exceptional capabilities will truly ensure that your success is our success.