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We partner with our clients to help them lead with confidence and make better decisions based upon data. Our experts have experience building solutions across multiple industries with clients from start-ups to global enterprises. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we leverage the full technology stack to solve our client’s unique business problems with innovative architectures and design best practices.

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Gain Insights with Our Data & AI Solutions

Insights & Data Visualization

Transform your data into a strategic asset with our Insights & Data Visualization services, using advanced analytics in Fabric and Power BI. From initiating your analytics journey with Power BI Jumpstart to enhancing team skills through bespoke training and optimizing analytics with governance strategies, we cover all bases. Our solutions, including Power BI Embedded and Enterprise Report Development, turn data into intuitive, actionable insights through dashboards and reports, driving operational efficiency and growth.

Data Warehousing

Advance your data strategy with our lake-first, cloud-based Data Warehousing solutions, utilizing Microsoft Fabric lakehouse and data warehouse models for unmatched flexibility and scalability. Our services, designed for organizations of any size, cover the entire data lifecycle—from extraction to reporting, ensuring accuracy, security, and easy access. Optimize data-driven decisions, operational efficiency, and business growth with our streamlined, cost-effective solutions, placing your data estate ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

Data Engineering

Leverage Microsoft’s open platforms and Fabric with our Data Engineering services to elevate your data infrastructure. Our expertise enables optimized data pipelines for seamless ingestion, transformation, and analysis. We specialize in creating scalable data ecosystems, facilitating effective data-driven decisions. From constructing data lakes to real-time streaming and workflow orchestration, our customized services unlock your data’s full value, driving your organization to excellence and a competitive edge.


Data Science

Elevate your competitive edge with our bespoke Data Science services. Beyond basic AI, we craft custom solutions leveraging cutting-edge LLMs, statistical methods, and machine learning, tailored to your unique challenges. From predictive analytics to customer insights, our experts utilize Azure AI and OpenAI technology, guiding you through data collection, preprocessing, and model development. Achieve actionable insights and operational excellence, ensuring your business leads in the data-driven landscape.

Real-time Analytics

Boost your decision-making speed with our Real-time Analytics solutions, incorporating Eventhouse technology for cutting-edge insights. We design robust data pipelines and leverage Microsoft Fabric, ensuring seamless integration of diverse data sources for instant actionable intelligence. Tailored to meet your specific needs, our offerings span from IoT to predictive analytics, empowering your business to lead in a dynamic market. Harness the power of real-time data with our specialized services to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Data Strategy

Shape a robust data strategy with our comprehensive solutions, offering expert guidance to master the data landscape. Our Data Architect as a Service tailors your data architecture for scalability and alignment with business goals. We cover Governance, Compliance, and Security to protect your data and ensure regulatory compliance. Through designing data governance frameworks, establishing compliance practices, and strengthening security, our approach empowers you to leverage data’s full potential safely, driving your organization towards data-driven success.

Data Platform

Streamline and secure your data infrastructure with our Data Platform solutions. Our expert team conducts detailed assessments and migrations, targeting server health and performance to boost efficiency and reliability. Specializing in technologies like SQL Server, Azure SQL, and more, we provide custom solutions for your unique needs, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruptions. Elevate your business with optimized data operations, fueling innovation and growth.

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Advanced Power BI Jump Start with Training

Advanced Power BI Jump Start w/ Training: 3-Wk POC

During the 3 week engagement, you will receive a technical requirements document, completed tenant configuration, a Power BI POC using your data, which will include a dataset, report and dashboard. Finally, we will conclude the engagement with advanced training and high level roadmap. The engagement will be followed-up in 4 weeks with a health check on user adoption, enhancements and assistance with your Power BI environment.

Azure Architect as a Service

Your business’ needs fluctuate, but you don’t have the budget or personnel in place to meet those requirements. How do you fill the gaps? Covenant’s Architect as a Service elevates your team with the expert knowledge, resources, and structure you need to meet your BI goals while saving your IT budget. An expert architect will provide you with tactical and strategic assistance in an advisory role leveraging the latest Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, and Power BI capabilities.

Analytics Jump Start

A modern Data Analytics platform is modular and built for rapid development and value-based results; the transition however can seem overwhelming. To ease the move to a modern Data Analytics platform, Covenant has created an “Analytics Jump Start” engagement. This program is a 4-week project that is designed to help an organization in high-level discovery and planning efforts learn how analytics can transform their business, and what concepts must be understood to do more with their data.

Microsoft Fabric Workshop

Microsoft & Covenant Technology Partners: Fabric Analyst in a Day Workshop: 8 hours

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are confronted with escalating demands for data and the complexities of analytics challenges. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to bring you a solution that accelerates the value derived from your data. We enable Data Analysts to utilize Microsoft Fabric, breaking down data silos and unifying disparate data sources. Microsoft Fabric facilitates the creation of enriched, impactful Power BI dashboards and reports. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can scale your analytics, reduce costs, and optimize your existing data management practices within a governed and secure framework, all while capitalizing on the innovative products and services developed by Microsoft.


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