Data & AI

We partner with our clients to help them lead with confidence and make better decisions based upon data.  Our experts have experience building solutions across multiple industries with clients from start-ups to global enterprises. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we leverage the full technology stack to solve our client’s unique business problems with innovative architectures and design best practices.

Advanced Analytics & Performance Management

The need for organizations to turn data into actionable insights has never been higher. Mastery over data has become a definitive competitive advantage. Our team can help build a data-driven culture within your organization by helping to improve your data maturity, and move from being tactical to strategic and predictive. We specialize in Performance Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning, Traditional Data, Big Data, and near real-time Internet of Things (IoT).

Modern Data Warehouse

After 30 years of stagnant architecture, data warehouses are now rapidly evolving to take advantage of modern modular, flexible, and fluid solutions. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the improved agility and high ROI that these modern cloud-based solutions offer. Let our team assist you in turning your data into actionable insight and establish your data estate today.

Data Architect-as-a-Service

The fast pace at which data systems are evolving can make it difficult to stay up to speed. We offer advisory services that harness the experience and expertise of our data architects to keep ahead of the curve. Our architects implement data solutions across organizations of all sizes, industries, and levels of data maturity. Our services include architecture reviews, team mentoring, facilitation of design sessions, process and procedure development, and more.

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Azure Synapse Guided Pathway

Data warehouses contain the most important assets for an organization – their data. As companies grow, so do their needs to analyze all data they generate. Organizations are modernizing their data warehouses to reduce costly on-premises datacenter footprints, while using advanced analytics to improve business outcomes. Moving data to the cloud is no small task. Azure Synapse Pathway helps simplify and accelerate migration for both on-premises and cloud data warehouses to Azure Synapse Analytics.

Advanced Data Platform

Data platforms are becoming increasingly difficult to manage, but they do not have to be! Our Managed Service offerings provide fully operated data solutions. We can also assist in modernizing your platforms with automated monitoring and management systems. With wide experience in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments, we can assist with migration, upgrades, roadmaps, performance tuning, health assessment, and more.


Analytics Jump Start

Data platforms and techniques are not what they use to be. A modern Data Analytics platform is modular and built for rapid development and value-based results; the transition however can seem overwhelming. To ease the transition to a modern Data Analytics platform, Covenant Technology Partners created an “Analytics Jump Start” engagement. This engagement is a 4-week project that is designed to help an organization in high-level discovery and planning efforts learn how analytics can transform their business, and what concepts must be understood to do more with their data. Once this is completed a use case will be agreed upon to build as a Pilot serving as a blueprint for modern analytics to be built upon.

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Advanced Power BI Jump Start w/ Training: 3-Wk POC

During the 3 week engagement, you will receive a technical requirements document, completed tenant configuration, a Power BI POC using your data, which will include a dataset, report and dashboard. Finally, we will conclude the engagement with advanced training and high level roadmap. The engagement will be followed-up in 4 weeks with a health check on user adoption, enhancements and assistance with your Power BI environment.

Specialized Technologies

  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Bricks
  • Azure Purview
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure SQL DB
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Power BI
  • Power Automate
  • IoT Edge


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