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ADP AccountSync

ADP AccountSync is a software solution designed to automatically synchronize Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) user accounts with employee information stored in ADP Payroll and other HRMS solutions.

The Problem:

If you use ADP and AD (or AAD), you likely have employee data in two different, disconnected systems. Updates to employee information in ADP will necessarily dictate some updates to the user’s AD (or AAD) account. This double entry not only requires additional labor, but it sometimes leads to errors, thereby requiring even more work down the line.

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Also, due to workflow, many times changes to employee data in AD (or AAD) get “saved up”, which leads to user frustration when they do not quickly see their changed data, such as their name, reflected in their network accounts. And if your company has implemented an ADP Employee Self-Service portal, this often has the unintended consequence of increasing the rate of employee data change, thereby exacerbating these issues.

The Solution:

ADP AccountSync automatically synchronizes AD or AAD user accounts with ADP worker data based on powerful processing rules you define, on a schedule that you control. These rules even allow individual user account fields to be modified conditionally based on existing or incoming data. For compliance, an audit log tracks all changes made to your user’s accounts.

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This solution is a foundational platform for your employee Master Data Management. It eliminates at least 10 minutes per employee change. It also eliminates the risk of having data out of sync. When an employee experiences a change, such as a change in name, address, home phone number, cell phone number, business office number, business cell phone number, title, division, etc., your team enters the change into ADP once, and it is automatically reflected into Active Directory or Azure Active Directory as well. When an employee is promoted, your team has only to enter that change into ADP, and then their new job title can be updated in Active Directory or Azure Active Directory automatically.

What You Need To Know

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Time and Cost

1 week implementation

Pricing per user per month + Initial setup fee (please contact us for a quote – setup cost varies depending on complexity of AD and your configuration)

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This solution works with ADP Payroll or other HRMS systems as well as Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. Additionally, your company must have access to the ADP Workforce Now API, which is sold separately by ADP. ADP charges a low, recurring monthly fee for access to the API.

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ADP to Active Directory – 1 Week Implementation

What is ADP AccountSync: It is designed to automate the data integration between ADP Payroll and HRMS solutions and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD).

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