Digital & App Innovation

At Covenant, we’re redefining digital and application innovation by harnessing the power of cloud technologies to create impactful business outcomes. Our strategy is designed to deliver unparalleled customer experiences, enhance teamwork and well-being, and adapt to evolving business models and work practices.

Transform your business with efficiency

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Key Pillars of Our Innovation Strategy:

Building Modern, Cloud-Native Apps:

We’re committed to developing scalable, reliable, and secure applications with Azure’s comprehensive cloud services.

Modernizing Legacy Systems:

By updating existing applications and databases, we’re unlocking the full potential of cloud capabilities, leading to increased performance and efficiency.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation:

Microsoft provides the necessary tools and environments to encourage innovation, enabling teams to collaborate and create more effectively.

Integrating DevSecOps:

We streamline workflows and improve product quality by adopting DevSecOps processes, which bring together development, security, and operations.

Turning Data into Actionable Insights:

Our approach leverages analytics, AI, and machine learning to transform data into insights that drive smarter decision-making.


Empowering Business Outcomes with Cloud Technology

Al and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure

Showcase your expertise in facilitating customer adoption of AI and deploying Azure solutions for AI-powered applications and machine learning processes.

Build and Modernize Al Apps with Microsoft Azure

Validate your expertise in creating intelligent applications across AKS, Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, and AI.

DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure

Validate your organization’s capabilities by implementing secure software development practices using DevOps principles.

Intelligent Automation

Showcase your expertise and track record of successful Power Automate solution implementations for organizations. Elevate your profile at Covenant Technology Partners with your hands-on experience and proven results in driving automation and efficiency through Power Automate.

Microsoft Low Code Application Development

Showcase your expertise in assisting clients in optimizing their operations with tailor-made and adaptable line-of-business low-code solutions.

Migrate Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure

Validate your mastery in transitioning and deploying live web application workloads, implementing DevOps methodologies, and overseeing application services within Azure.

Covenant Solutions

ADP to Active Directory

Let us help you remove the manual work to create and update employee records and save time and money! ADP AccountSync is a software solution designed to automatically synchronize Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) useraccounts with employee information stored in ADP Payroll and HRMS solutions.

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ADP to Active Directory – 1 Week Implementation

What is ADP AccountSync: It is designed to automate the data integration between ADP Payroll and HRMS solutions and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD).


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