Azure Synapse Analytics April 2022 Updates

by | Apr 26, 2022

CI-CD for Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool using YAML templates

Purpose of this blog:
1.Defined end-end process of SQL Pool Deployment from Visual studio SSDT code check-in to continuous integration(Build pipeline) and continuous deployment(Release pipeline) from project perspective.
2. Reusable YAML CI and CD templates which can be implemented in any project because these templates was successfully implemented in projects


Azure Synapse Analyzer Report to monitor and improve Azure Synapse SQL Dedicated Pool performance

The Azure Synapse Analyzer Report is created to help you identify common issues that may be present in your database that can lead to performance issues. This report focuses on known best practices that Microsoft has identified with Azure Synapse SQL Dedicated Pools. Following these best practices will help to get the best performance out of your solution.


Real-time data ingestion in Synapse SQL pool at scale

This article reviews a common pattern of streaming data (i.e. real-time message ingestion) in Synapse dedicated pool. It opens a discussion on the simple standard way to implement this, as well as the challenges and drawbacks. It then presents an alternate solution which enables optimal performance and greatly reduces maintenance tasks when using clustered column store indexes. This is aimed at developers, DBAs, architects, and anyone who works with streams of data that are captured in real-time.


Announcing General Availability of Cross-Subscription Restore for Dedicated SQL Pools

We are excited to announce the release of cross-subscription restore. This has been one of our top requested features from customers as it unlocks multiple scenarios from dev/test to simplified billing at the subscription level for restored data warehouses.


Getting started with your first Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics project

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings big data analytics and an enterprise data warehouse into a unified platform. The Azure Synapse platform provides a unified experience to help you discover and explore your data quickly, so that you can find meaningful insights at scale.


Synapse Database Templates General Availability and new Synapse Database Templates for Healthcare

We’re pleased to announce today that Synapse Database Templates are now Generally Available and that we are also making available three additional Synapse Database Templates for Healthcare Insurance, Healthcare Providers, and R&D and Clinical Trials.


Announcing General Availability of Database Designer & Database Templates in Azure Synapse Analytics

Today, I’m excited to announce the general availability of database designer in Azure Synapse Analytics. The database designer allows users to visually create databases within Synapse Studio without writing a single line of code. The designer also enables users to explore database templates, customize and/or extend these templates to create lake databases. Azure Synapse Analytics database templates are also generally available. Database templates make Azure Synapse industry-aware and help you standardize your data lakes by adding a business-context rich metadata layer for data in the lake. These templates provide industry-specific schema for pre-defined business areas that can be used as blueprints or accelerators for creating the foundation of an enterprise data lake or data platform.


For more information, view the blog here: April 2022 | Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Blog | Microsoft Azure Synapse


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