Azure Synapse Analytics September 2022 Updates

by | Sep 27, 2022

New query optimization techniques in Apache Spark for Azure Synapse

The Azure Synapse Analytics team has prominent engineers enhancing and contributing back to the Apache Spark project. One of our focus areas is Spark query optimization techniques, where Microsoft has decades of experience and is making significant contributions to the Apache Spark open source engine.


Automating the Publishing of Workspace Artifacts in Synapse CICD

Azure Synapse Studio is the primary tool to use to interact with the many components that exist in Azure Synapse Analytics, allowing you to perform a wide range of activities against your data and build a fully integrated analytics solution.


Building the Lakehouse – Implementing a Data Lake Strategy with Azure Synapse

Data Lakehouse architecture has become the de facto standard for designing and building data platforms for analytics as it bridges the gap and breaks the silos created by the traditional/modern data warehouse and the data lake. This blog post introduces you to the world of data lakehouse and it goes into details of how to implement it successfully in Azure with Azure Synapse Analytics.


Understand Synapse dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW) and Serverless SQL pool

This post is intended to explain the basic concepts of dedicated SQL pool and Serverless SQL Pool, help you understand how they work, and how to use them based on your business needs.


Reading Delta Lake in Dedicated SQL Pool

As an intellectual challenge, I wondered if it’s possible to import Delta Lake files directly into the dedicated SQL Pool and support features like time-travel. It turned out to be a great little project and a great way of learning about Delta Lake.


Automate recreation of Synapse dedicated SQL pool environment using Azure DevOps

There are many scenarios where you want to create a new Synapse dedicated SQL pool environment based on an existing Synapse dedicated SQL pool environment. This may be required when you need to create a development or test environment based on your production environment by copying complete schemas and without copying data.


MERGE T-SQL for Dedicated SQL pools is now GA!

We are thrilled to announce that the MERGE T-SQL command for Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL pools is now Generally Available! MERGE has been a highly requested addition to the Synapse T-SQL library that encapsulates INSERTs/UPDATEs/DELETEs into a single statement, drastically easing migrations and making table synchronization a breeze.


For more information, view the blog here: September 2022 | Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Blog | Microsoft Azure Synapse

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