Azure Synapse Analytics April 2023 Updates

by | Apr 27, 2023

Synapse pipelines storage event trigger security deep dive

ADF and Synapse Pipelines offer a feature that allows pipeline execution to be triggered based on various events, such as storage blob creation or deletion. This can be used by customers to implement event-driven pipeline orchestration.


Azure Synapse Analytics March Update 2023

Welcome to the Azure Synapse Analytics March 2023 update! This month, we have the General Availability of Multi-Column Distribution and Prive Endpoint support for Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer Synapse Link. We also have additional updates in SQL, Apache Spark for Synapse, and Synapse Data Explorer! Read about all of these new features below!


Essential tips for exporting and cleaning data with Spark

I often receive various requests from customers while working on FastTrack projects, and I have compiled some examples to help you build your solution on top of a data lake using useful tips. Most of the examples in this post use pandas, and I hope they will be helpful for you as they were for me.


Unleashing the capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics for a healthcare customer

This blog post aims to provide you with insights into the best practices for optimizing performance in data ingestion and transformation. You will learn how to efficiently use available resources, compute capacity, and workload management in Azure Synapse Analytics workspace. While the solution discussed in this blog pertains to a healthcare industry customer, the optimization techniques presented here are applicable to other industries as well.


Creating a Custom Disaster Recovery Plan for your Synapse Workspace Part 2

This post will focus specifically on one of the engines in the Synapse workspace, the dedicated SQL Pools, and explore options for creating a custom disaster recovery plan for our databases. The aim is to help you create a plan that aligns with your business needs, which may require a more granular RPO and/or RTO than what is currently available as part of Azure Synapse Dedicated Pools.


Synapse Database Templates for airlines & travel services plus seven industries are now GA

In response to continued enthusiastic adoption of the twenty previously published Synapse Database Templates (SDTs), we’re pleased to announce today that we are releasing two Industry Data Models (IDMs), for Airlines and for Travel Services, that have not previously been published as SDTs, along with enhanced versions of seven previously published SDTs.


What’s new in SynapseML v0.11

We are pleased to announce SynapseML v0.11, a new version of our open-source distributed machine learning library that simplifies and accelerates the development of scalable AI. In this release, we are excited to introduce many new features from the past year of developments well as many bug fixes and improvements.


Extracting relational schema from streaming data containing complex JSON documents

In the world of IoT devices, industrial historians, infrastructure and application logs, and metrics, machine-generated or software-generated telemetry, there are often scenarios where the upstream data producer produces data in non-standard schemas, formats, and structures that often make it difficult to analyze the data contained in these at scale. Azure Data Explorer provides some useful features to run meaningful, fast, and interactive analytics on such heterogenous data structures and formats.


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