Build big with generative AI

by | Jul 29, 2023

Azure AI services can empower you to build and deploy your own AI solutions through large language models. Modernize your processes, accelerate development, and run responsibly anywhere with enterprise-grade security.



Filter and moderate content to ensure that coding and language of your AI models are used responsibly and for their intended purpose.



Experience performance that stands out in today’s market and over the horizon—pressure-tested AI across apps, data, and AI infrastructure solutions.


Ways to infuse generative AI into next-gen app experiences:

    • Content generation: Automatically generate responses to customer queries. Generate personalized UI for your website.
    • Summarization: Summarize customer support conversations, financial reports, articles, social media trends.
    • Code generation: Convert natural language to SQL (or vice versa) for telemetry data, query proprietary data models.
    • Semantic search: Perform information discovery and knowledge-mining. Search reviews for a specific product or service.

Azure AI services

    • Azure AI Language
    • Azure AI Vision
    • Azure AI Speech
    • Azure AI Decision
    • Azure AI OpenAI
    • Azure AI Cognitive Search
    • Azure AI Form Recognizer
    • Azure AI Bot Service
    • Azure AI Video Analyzer
    • Azure AI Metrics Advisor
    • Azure AI Immersive Reader

Azure Machine Learning platform

Consider this your experimentation platform for large language models enabling:

    • Prompt design, evaluation, and deployment.
    • Choice in fine-tuning of either OpenAI or open-source software models.
    • Powerful AI infrastructure with GPUs.


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