D365 Business Central Wave 1 2023 Release Now Offers Syncing Master Data Across Companies

by | Sep 28, 2023

Microsoft has offered a great list of D365 Business Central features and enhancements as part of their Spring 2023 release, including the ability to now sync master data across multiple companies, within the same environment. Master data that is setup in one company, can now be moved to another company, as well as building continuous data synchronization between companies going forward.

This new features allows incredible ease for setting up master data and managing data across multiple companies, which includes tables such as Vendors, Customers, Bank Accounts, Dimensions, Items, Fixed Assets, Jobs, Resources, and much more.

By navigating to the “Master Data Management Setup” within D365 Business Central, choose which legal entity will be the source entity from which master data will be copied from, then toggle on the “Enable Data Synchronization” to start initial synchronization while creating job queue entries for continuous updates, when master data modifications are made.

Master data tables can be enabled or disabled for synchronization to allow control of what real-time updates or changes would like to be continuously synced, as well as triggering certain fields within each table. When modifications are made, the synchronization log tracks the status of the what updates were made, by User, Object, Description, and Date/Time from that receiving legal entity.

Additional features to highly note are intercompany setup now all in one page, permissions control when posting purchase and/or sales invoices by each user, and the preview posting feature added to multiple pages.


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