5 Sales & Marketing Challenges solved with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

by | Nov 20, 2023

Small and medium-sized businesses are the lifeblood of a thriving economy, so they cannot afford to miss out on any opportunities that help them grow their company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, implemented by us, can offer everything you need to deepen customer relationships and empower employees with a full funnel sales solution powered by next-generation artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s how we can solve the five most common challenges small and mid-sized businesses face with a modern customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

    1. Low CRM adoption by marketers and sellers
        1. Familiar Microsoft interface makes it easy for users to learn
        2. Fully connected solutions across departments increases user engagement
        3. Ongoing training and support from a Microsoft Partner
    2. Inability to segment customers for tailored marketing
        1. Develop audience lists based on customer profiles
        2. Leverage AI-generated custom content for emails, meetings, and calls
        3. Integrate third-party apps for insights on customer priorities and challenges
    3. Siloed communications and collaboration impacts customer experience
        1. Connect Microsoft Teams & Outlook to collaborate in one platform
        2. Seamlessly and securely handoff customer data from sales to service teams
        3. Provide feedback during marketing and event campaign planning sessions
    4. Missed revenue opportunities due to lack of data and insights
        1. Prioritize deals with AI-based scoring models and automated opportunity summaries
        2. Take immediate action on at risk or stalled deals with real-time notifications
        3. Utilize real-time client data updates to prepare for meetings and address new concerns or interests
    5. Manual processes hinder employee productivity
        1. Streamline email replies, meeting recaps, meeting invites, and CRM updates with AI
        2. Automate reporting with real-time accurate forecasts and tracking
        3. Create engaging content for specific audiences in a few clicks with simple language prompts

Prepare for the Future

Now is the time to prepare for the future and get ahead of the competition with next-generation technology. We can work with your team to see how these challenges and others impact your bottom line and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales can empower your teams to build deeper relationships, close more deals, and become more efficient.