Business Central is Designed for the Ever-changing Work Environment

by | Nov 29, 2023

Don’t fear mobility, embrace it.

Mobility enables businesses to put technology advancements into practice on any day, across multiple devices, and at any location. Your employees need to be connected like never before. Customers expect your sales and service representatives to have immediate access to the information they need to solve their problem or deliver on a good or service they expect to receive. Calling back to the office to see if an item is in stock or waiting for a follow-up response to schedule a service appointment just doesn’t cut it. Cloud-based business applications make it easier to give employees the information they need to stay productive regardless of where they need to work. But it’s not enough to be able to access information; you need to be able to act on it based on customer demand. Your mobile experience needs to be consistent and secure, replicating what you could do in the office on your phone, laptop, or tablet regardless of the operating system.

With the mobile experience of Dynamics 365 Business Central, your employees can:

        • Manage quotes, proposals, and orders from the field.
        • Confirm inventory status before making a commitment to customers.
        • Deliver better service with full access to customer history, maintenance contracts, and service schedules.
        • Connect your business by deploying one solution that brings together your financials, sales, service, and operations.
        • Enhance productivity and reduce time wasted switching back and forth between business applications and email.
        • Surface business tasks such as requests for quotes or invoices within Outlook and enable the user to take immediate action without leaving their inbox.
        • Make smarter decisions when you connect data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an accurate end-to-end view of your business.

With business applications that infuse big data, advanced analytics, and IoT into your business processes you get built-in intelligence where and when you need it. Start and grow easily by accessing apps that fit roles, industries, and business needs. Start with your need and grow at your own pace so change doesn’t get in the way of your day to day.

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