SharePoint – Center Stage

by | Dec 27, 2023

SharePoint at the Center

SharePoint at the Center


Microsoft is returning to SharePoint as the “core” brand supporting Microsoft 365 content services. The recent Syntex effort over the last many months has pivoted to a new “inclusive” offering – “SharePoint Premium”.

SharePoint is the world’s largest and most flexible cloud content management platform. It powers all of Microsoft 365 – OneDrive, Teams, Syntex, Viva, Loop, Stream and now Microsoft 365 Copilot. SharePoint content is also a primary source for your experiences in Copilot.

Microsoft Syntex was developed to focus on AI model processing incorporated into SharePoint.

“Microsoft Syntex is a content understanding, processing, and compliance service that uses intelligent document processing, content artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced machine learning to automatically and thoughtfully find, organize, and classify documents in your SharePoint libraries, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange.”

With the SharePoint Premium announcement, the Syntex array of services will move to SharePoint Premium.


Syntex to SharePoint Premium Brand Shift

Syntex to SharePoint Premium Brand Shift


With SharePoint Premium we’ll be transitioning the services already released as part of Syntex, including SharePoint Advanced Management, to join the growing family of SharePoint services along with brand new content experiences.

With this shift, Microsoft will be simplifying the sometimes complex and confusing array of products and services, while also enabling customers to prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot.



SharePoint Premium Announcement


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