Analytics Jump Start

Data platforms and techniques are not what they use to be.  A modern Data Analytics platform is modular and built for rapid development and value-based results; the transition however can seem overwhelming.  To ease the transition to a modern Data Analytics platform, Covenant Technology Partners created an “Analytics Jump Start” engagement.  This engagement is a 4-week project that is designed to help an organization in high-level discovery and planning efforts learn how analytics can transform their business, and what concepts must be understood to do more with their data. Once this is completed a use case will be agreed upon to build as a Pilot serving as a blueprint for modern analytics to be built upon.



Analytics Jump Start Timeline


Build the foundation for your modern data analytics platform in 30 days.

Develop a roadmap for building on the foundation based upon business goals.

Advisory services to ease in the transition and so you do not feel completely on your own.

Learn more about what makes up a modern data analytics solution and its key benefits.

Underlining Technology

Azure Synapse Analytics is Microsoft’s data analytics platform which brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics all at scale.  Combined with rich data visualization in Power BI it allows an organization to visually see their data to make better, more informed business decisions.

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