Power BI 2021 MBAS Recap

by | May 24, 2021

The pace of innovation around Power BI never seems too slow. At Microsoft’s recently concluded Business Application Summit, the Power BI team shared another exciting slate of new and planned features for the industry leading analytics platform. Highlighting just a few:

Goals – Extends Power BI to incorporate important performance management capabilities by streamlining the process of collecting, tracking, and analyzing all your business metrics in one place.

Smart Narratives, Anomaly Detection, and Automated Insights – Utilizes AI to easily generate dynamic visuals within Power BI to summarize data as text, detect and explain outliers in the data, and create context sensitive additional content for further insight.

Augmented reality – Data in space – Tie reports in Power BI directly to the physical devices that generate the data and layer them over the real world in a virtual space.

Paginated reports and Power Automate visuals – Further integrate components of Power Platform directly into Power BI reports by allowing users to initiate a Power Automate flow and embed paginated reports to enhance print and export capabilities.

New Insights and Governance functionality for Power BI admins – New and enhanced usage metrics, integration with Azure Log Analytics, and new Admin APIs give IT pros additional tools to manage and monitor enterprise environments.

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PowerBI Goals



Smart Narratives, Anomaly Detection, and Automated Insights



Augmented reality – Data in space