Microsoft Teams Update For April 2022

by | Apr 26, 2022

Desktop and Web


LinkedIn integration now available in Teams

You can now see LinkedIn profiles in one-on-one chats. To view someone’s profile, select the LinkedIn tab of the chat if they have one available. Learn more at Use LinkedIn in Teams.

Microsoft Teams LinkedIn Integration


Educators can now manage attendee video in Teams meetings

Meeting organizers and presenters can disable the cameras of all attendees or specific attendees in a Teams Meeting to make sure they don’t share video in the meeting. Learn more at Manage attendee audio and video permissions in a Teams meeting.


Get notified when music plays (Teams for education only)

Teams automatically suppresses non-speech sounds during Teams meetings. Educators will now get notified when Teams detects that music is being played. This will allow them to choose to let the music through, or to keep blocking the sound so other attendees can’t hear it.


Share system audio when using Teams on the web

Now, when you join a meeting via Teams on the web, you can share your system audio while screen sharing. Learn how at Share sound from your computer in a Teams meeting.




Expand and collapse system alerts in meetings

System messages from Teams are now grouped together at the top of the meeting window. Expand the notifications to preview all the messages, and then collapse and clear all notifications with one tap.