Getting The Most From Your Business Intelligence Investments

by | Jul 22, 2022

Getting more out of your data investments

In today’s data-driven world, organizations like yours are driving efforts to maximize data investments to have the greatest business impact possible. This may include implementing data security, unifying data silos, and providing real-time analytics throughout your company.

As you consider your data future, explore how companies like yours solved their data analytics challenges.


Driving innovation with data migration

You’ve already invested in data analytics. Innovating your data capabilities shifts your focus to updating current processes, people, and environments. You also have more time to deal with industry-wide data problems like international regulations, data security, and data silos.

All businesses, regardless of size, have investments in data retention and analysis. Perhaps your challenges are adopting new AI and analytics-based strategies to boost its competitive edge. Or you might be starting with data in Power BI and want your business data to deliver more value.

Where do you start modernizing and moving your projects to the cloud? Maybe you want to make sure that you can feed timely, high-quality data from diverse sources, including legacy business systems, while allowing their users to access and govern the data and generate their own insights. Or maybe you need a way to migrate data from multiple on-premises data sources into a single data platform with business applications built on top of that platform.


Unifying data into a single platform

The exponential increase in data that you’re experiencing comes from a multitude of sources—large databases, social media, and factory sensor data all combine to drive volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. How can you best use your investments? The answer is to combine all your disparate data sources onto a single platform, where your employees have access to accelerate insights into their daily decisions.

Enterprise success brings mergers and acquisitions, new products, customer feedback, and geographical expansion—all driving data streams, repositories, and silos. Leveraging years of business success can drive businesses to consolidate their data, unifying investments and distributed data into a single repository.


Bringing business insights to everyone

Are your employees fully empowered to base their decisions on all company data? Making data analytics available requires both access and analysis. A single data repository, secured by account-based permissions, enables and accelerates data access. Once access enabled, users can query the data. However, they still need to perform data analysis that will drive successful corporate decisions throughout the organizational structure.

Does your company keep its data in one of two extremes: siloed employees using Power BI, or trained data professionals with limited refresh cycles? Regardless of your data maturity, providing broader access and analysis tools increases data and improves reporting granularity.


Connecting data analytics and profitability

Data is driving corporate success. Enabling employees to make decisions based on empirical analysis saves money and drives revenue. For example, a retailer can empower employees with the most current item pricing information. As a result, front line workers could make real-time pricing decisions.

How can your employees get more from your own data? Regardless of your industry, the opportunities are there to provide employees with the tools to help them make better decisions for your business.


Next steps

Every company is utilizing data to make business decisions. Covenant Technology Partners and Microsoft have the technologies to take your current investments and deliver even more value to your company, and with Azure as a platform, you don’t need to compromise on security and privacy.

Whether it’s adhering to corporate security, unifying multiple data silos into one, providing a robust analytics engine, or delivering analytics and reporting to the masses, Covenant Technology Partners can help you reach your data goals.


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