What is Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?

by | Aug 30, 2022

What is Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) enables partners to directly manage their entire Microsoft cloud client lifecycle. Partners in this program utilize dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support their client subscriptions.

Working with Covenant as your Microsoft CSP means you’re teamed up with an organization that has invested in its own infrastructure and demonstrated its support and billing capabilities are up to Microsoft standards.

In other words, Covenant can deliver you the quality of service that Microsoft demands of itself and its partners. It also means access to our direct line to Microsoft – so when new developments come down the pipeline or issues need to be escalated, you are the first to know.

Covenant as your Microsoft CSP partner, you gain access to the power and scalability of the Azure Cloud, while still getting the personalized service of a company that can take the time to support your team’s efforts and make sure you succeed.


Some of your Benefits from CSP

Flexibility – This is probably the biggest benefits to you. You only pay for what you want or use. In the case of Microsoft 365, say you had 3,000 Microsoft 365 licenses and wanted to step that up by 500 licenses for a project or peak in business and drop it again two months later you can. You will be billed in a completely logical way that follows your license usage e.g. 3,000 then 3,500 for two months and then back to 3,000. In the case of Azure, you simply pay for what you used the previous month, much like a phone bill; Seamlessly integrated user and license quantity management — only pay for what you use.

Billing Options – Each month you will receive a bill for the Microsoft 365 licenses you are using and /or the Azure consumption you have used. No cancellation fees or contracts for monthly billing option unlike Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) and Microsoft Product & Service Agreement (MPSA). If you prefer, you could also purchase Azure Reservations for 1-3 years at a heavily discounted rate.

Expert Support – As a CSP provider we would be the point of contact and receive your support calls in relation to the service. We would look to triage these calls and pass onto Microsoft if required. As your CSP partner we are the point of contact in case of a problem (technical and billing & subscription support). Do speak to us about our enhanced cloud support services offering which really complements CSP, 24/7/365.

Licensing Support – You can have one partner looking after all your Microsoft cloud licenses and drawing on their expertise and skills to enable you to maximize the benefits of your investment.

Savings – Covenant assists you in maximizing overall Microsoft licensing and Azure savings while supporting business operations. Typical savings +/- 30%

Detailed Guidance – Provide migration guidance to ensure a seamless experience.

Strong SLA & Response Time – By procuring through a Microsoft CSP, you will be gaining access to Microsoft’s strong service level agreement which defines the crucial aspects of the service like responsibility, quality and availability between the service provider and the customer.


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