Introducing the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit

by | Sep 29, 2022

The number one thing we hear from IT groups is they want to enable users (Makers in the Power Platform world) in their organization to create solutions in the Power Platform, but they are TERRIFIED about trying to govern it. Concerns about licensing, creating new data sources, documentation, abandoned junk in environments, etc. Let us introduce the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit.


The CoE has some foundational modules and some that are al carte based on your organization’s needs:


Foundational Modules:

  1. Core – Provides transparency into how the Power Platform is used in your tenant. Who’s creating PowerApps and Flows? What connectors are being used? Who are the apps being shared with? This module provides ample dashboards to drill down what is happening in your organization in the Power Platform across all environments.
  2. Governance – Sets up compliance processes for solution creation, approval processes, audit processes, and justification requests. Allows IT professionals to review and approve solutions before Makers can create them.
  3. Nurture – Introduces your Makers to best practices and templates. Also, formalizes a process to onboard new Makers with training and education on internal processes and policies.


Ala Carte Modules:

  1. Theming – create an organizational theme specific to your branding to create consistency between applications and solutions.
  2. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) – Set up ALM environments (development, UAT, production) and enable users to properly push code changes between them and maintain source code.
  3. Innovation Backlog – Process for users to submit ideas for solutions. Helps facilitate project and process documentation. Collects data to calculate ROI and a complexity score to help determine priorities.
  4. Administrative Planning – Plan, configure, manage, and nurture the adoption of the Power Platform in your organization. Break down IT/Administrative work to the task level to help organize work and provide progress transparency.


If you’re hoping to empower your business users to create solutions to help increase organizational efficiency, then the CoE might be the winning ticket.


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