Power BI December Updates Released by Microsoft

by | Dec 28, 2022

Announcing: Enterprise scorecards with hierarchies and linked metrics in Power BI Metrics

Announcing new Power BI Metrics features hierarchies and linked metrics.


Subscribe to a report with filters applied

You can now create a subscription to a view of a Power BI report uniquely relevant to you. By selecting Include my changes, any filters and slicers you have selected will be captured in your subscription.


Dataset refresh cancellation is now available in Power BI Premium

Cancel an in-progress dataset refresh in Power BI


Simplifying capacity management with unified v-cores

Power BI Premium Platform updates to unify back-end and front-end v-cores delivers a simplified capacity management experience for capacity administrators.


Power BI December 2022 Feature Summary

Welcome to the December 2022 update! This month, we’ve added a variety of new DAX functions, updated slicer type formatting, and brought Metrics to the Windows app. There is more to explore, so please read on!


Join us! Power BI Dev Camp: Thursday 15 December 2022! 11:00 AM PST. Learn about Power BI Quick Create SDK

This session will teach campers how to use the new SDK support to initiate an embedded Quick Create session which allows the user to dynamically build a new dataset and report on the fly.


Deep dive into Optimize ribbon and streamline your Power BI authoring

How does the Optimize ribbon, with Pause visuals, Refresh visuals, Optimization presets, and Performance analyzer, as well as Edit relationships in the properties pane work to streamline your authoring experience? Here are some scenarios they can help you with!

  1. Make changes to an existing DirectQuery report without running queries until you are ready
  2. Create new visuals without running a query until you are ready
  3. Create measures in a DirectQuery model without the visuals refreshing until you are ready
  4. Quickly edit relationships between DirectQuery tables
  5. Quickly learn about and apply query reduction settings to your DirectQuery report
  6. Adjust the query reduction settings to the level you need in your DirectQuery report
  7. Quickly revert to the full interactivity after a data source change in your report.


For more information, view the blog here: December 2022 | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

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