Power BI January Updates Released by Microsoft

by | Jan 30, 2023

Thank You Power BI Community!

Thank you, Power BI Community, and look back of 2022 feature releases, and when the upcoming release will be available.


Announcing: Viva Goals + Metrics integration, scorecard time zones and more

New year, new features! We are excited to announce the general availability of the Viva Goals Power BI integration and three new Metrics features specifically answering common customer asks. A new, optional column for milestones, scorecard time zones, and a handy auto collapse / auto expand feature.


Announcing Power BI in Microsoft Teams collaboration experiences improvements

We’re excited to start the year by announcing updates to the Power BI in Microsoft Teams experiences. Today we’re announcing three new capabilities that are starting to roll out, and a hint about things to look forward to in the coming weeks.


On-premises data gateway December release

Happy Holidays! Here is the December release of the on-premises data gateway.


Announcing the Public Preview of Power BI Dataset Scale-Out

Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of Power BI Dataset Scale-Out, a dataset feature enabling enterprise customers to support large-scale Power BI solutions without any additional administrative overhead or infrastructure complexity.


Announcing My workspace governance improvement (Public Preview)

Announcing Public Preview of new My workspace governance features that address some of the pain points of governing My workspaces for Power BI Service Admins


Announcing Connected Excel Tables from Power BI (Public Preview)

This feature allows users to export an Excel table from a Power BI report and keep that table connected to Power BI by refreshing it in the Excel grid.


Announcing backup and restore improvements for large datasets near the size limit

Thanks to the latest backup and restore improvements, you can now restore a backup file even when the dataset size is near the Power BI Premium SKU limitation. You no longer need to be concerned that dataset size limits impact restorability. When restoring a dataset with the /forceRestore option, Power BI will try its best to perform the restore operation even when the available memory is limited.


Announcing – Embed your Power BI organizational apps in Microsoft Teams Channels and Meetings

Now you can embed entire Power BI organizational apps in Microsoft Teams tabs. By adding Org apps in channels and meetings, you enable everyone to access the data they need.


Building Multi-language Reports for Power BI in 2023

It just got easier to create multi-language reports for Power BI.


Power BI Report Server January 2023 Feature Summary

Welcome to the January 2023 Power BI Report Server release! This release has fun and exciting updates to features like the Report Server web portal, Modeling, and Reporting. Please read on for all the details.


For more information, view the blog here: January 2023 | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

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