SharePoint: Team Site vs. Communication Site

by | Feb 28, 2023

Team Site vs. Communication Site – Which one should I choose? | Microsoft Docs


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Things to Consider:

    1. What type of security do you need?
    2. Will external users also need access to collaborate?
    3. What is the flow of information?
      1. One-way flow of communication?
      2. Collaborative communication?
    4. Do you also want:
      1. A Microsoft Team
      2. Planner Board
      3. Email group
      4. OneNote Notebook

Team sites are designed to be project centric. So, if you have a project where chats and document collaboration are needed, then a Team site is likely the best option for you.

When I am determining a Teams site vs. a Communication site, there are two big considerations for me:

    1. Administrative concerns. You might think… why not just do a Teams site, then I get everything! If everyone is spinning up Teams sites when they are truly not needed, there may end up being an excess of groups, Teams, shared calendars, Planners, etc. These all-touch other parts of your environment and are likely managed by someone in your organization. If you’re anything like me, you like to keep your environments as clean and streamlined as possible.
    2. Security – How granular do you need your access to be? Both options provide flexibility, but access via Teams is either owner or member. The permissions for Teams members does have some flexibility.