When QuickBooks is not enough for your growing business

by | Apr 27, 2023

When QuickBooks is not enough for your growing business


Business Central


Many organizations struggle early on in their bookkeeping from paper, to Excel, then to Quicken or QuickBooks while cost and financial accuracy are large factors, employee availability and time being the overriding factor. As the organization grows, so do the requirements for a structured financial control system to properly track general ledger entries, daily transactions, additional bank accounts, bank reconciliation, fixed assests and property desdigned chart of accounts.

The Business requires deeper financial requirements including Account Code, Dimensions, Multiple Companies, Sub-Ledgers, and full financial traceability, Customer Resource Management to track Opportunities, and Inventory to buy and sell from Vendors and Customers.


Moving from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

The growing pains of a prospering business require more than just the original Financial System. Comparing new systems is never easy, and as a business grows beyond just a Financial System an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution becomes a business requirement.

Changing from a QuickBooks App to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect ERP solution that can handle the migration from QuickBooks to Business Central with ease.

    • Better tracking of Vendor & Customers and Contacts
    • Included base CRM (Customer Resource Planning)
      • Opportunities
      • Contact Tracking
      • Task Management
    • Procure to Pay
    • Order to Cash
    • Full Supply Chain Functionality
    • Deep Warehousing Management System
    • Assembly Orders
    • Jobs (Project’s)
    • Inventory Management

More and more growing businesses are changing from finance apps like QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, which are designed for startups and other small businesses, to Business Central, which also supports larger, more complex organizations.

As they transition, companies typically want to bring their business data with them so they don’t start from scratch. To help transfer data, Business Central offers built-in extensions that migrate data such as customers, vendors, inventory items, and general ledger accounts. The following extensions are installed and ready to go as an integrated part of the Data Migration assisted setup guide:

    • QuickBooks Data Migration
    • QuickBooks Online Data Migration


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