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by | Mar 27, 2024


Business value

Defining campaigns and creating high-performing assets to achieve campaign goals can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Now, Copilot transforms the way you create campaigns, enhancing your productivity. To create a campaign, describe the outcomes you’re looking to drive or provide a creative brief. Copilot leverages the power of data and AI to generate audiences, content, images, journeys, and more, allowing you to curate, edit, and launch your project in record time.

You’ll save countless hours by using Copilot to create a connected solution that you can update to achieve the goals that you’ve defined. Rest assured that you’ll always be in the loop to refine, approve, and complete the campaign before it goes out to your customers.


Feature details

Simply use your brief or describe your project and its objectives using everyday words. Based on Customer Insights data and your project description, Copilot automatically generates audiences, messages, images, and journeys that you can further refine and go live with. Enhance your productivity and creativity with an AI-first user interface that enables you to do it all:

    • View all of your campaign assets in one place, making it easy to manage them.
    • Automatically create a brand profile from your company’s website to ensure that all content (including Copilot-suggested) is on-brand.
    • Get suggested audiences based on your campaign objectives and prior campaigns.
    • Let Copilot help you create engaging emails; use content suggestions and content rewrite, adjust tone, change layout, and more.
    • Use the power of AI to get image suggestions, generate new images, or refine and edit existing images that match your message and brand.
    • Generate suggested journeys designed to deliver your goals that you can further refine.
    • Export all essential details of your campaign in one document so you can easily share it with your stakeholders for review and approval.

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