New Features coming to Dynamics 365 Sales in June and July 2024

by | Jun 26, 2024

We are exploring some features from the 2024 Wave 1 release for Dynamics 365 Sales that are expected to be released (as of today) in June and July. Some of these may be available for public preview right now. Whether you’re a seasoned user or exploring Dynamics 365 Sales for the first time, Microsoft continues to innovate, streamlining your sales processes and enhancing productivity.

We’re here to help enable features, bounce ideas around, or discuss the impact on your business. Feel free to reach out to us – our team is here to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring you make the most of Dynamics 365 Sales.

Track more fields as part of saving Emails or Events to CRM

This feature is expected to be released in June 2024 and can be enabled by Admins.

This feature will allow admins to track additional details to tracked emails and meetings from Outlook. Sales teams can measure time spent by sellers for different purposes and improve their sales processes.

      • As a Copilot for Sales admin, you can define additional fields that need to be provided by sellers when saving emails and events from Outlook to your CRM platform.
      • As a Copilot for Sales user, you can provide values for the additional fields configured by the admin when saving Outlook events and emails to your CRM platform.

Access AI- summary

This feature is expected to be released in June 2024 and can be enabled by Admins.

The Opportunity summary widget placed on the Opportunity form gives users insight without having to navigate to the Copilot side pane or Copilot page. Add this widget to any custom forms you have, giving your users summaries to streamline their workflow and encourage further exploration within Copilot.

As a seller:

      • See the Copilot-generated opportunity summary in a widget on the out-of-the-box opportunity form.
      • Collapse or expand the widget as per your preference.

As an admin:

      • Opt in for the Copilot preview feature to get this functionality.
      • Add the Opportunity summary widget on any custom form. By default, this will be available on the out-of-the-box Opportunity main form.

Sales accelerator Summary

Leverage manager dashboards to coach sellers

This feature is currently in Public Preview. General Availability is expected to be released in July 2024 and can be enabled by Admins.

This feature aims to enable sales leaders to determine the effectiveness of their sales strategies, respond to market changes, and coach their sales staff more efficiently.

In addition to the existing conversation intelligence dashboard functionality, as a sales manager, you’ll be able to view:

      • Customer sentiment correlation with keyword and competitor mentions.
      • Conversation style correlation to deal outcomes.
      • Conversational KPIs over time.
      • Holistic view of sellers’ performances, as well as insight into conversation patterns that close deals.
      • Messaging performance in the field and customer perceptions of the competitive landscape.
      • Sales-oriented filters such as call time and length, seller, connected record, connected record status, campaign, and more.

Copilot for Sales Coaching Opportunities

Get crucial information summarized from proposals

This feature is currently in Public Preview. General Availability is expected to be released in July 2024 and is enabled for Admins automatically.

The RFP Summarization feature can improve the quality of customer interactions by ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of customer needs as per the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline) framework. This feature gives sellers the ability to automatically summarize important details from lengthy proposals, saving them time, enabling focus on building relationships with customers and closing deals.

      • Get a summary of the proposals associated with your Contact, Opportunity, Lead, and Account.
      • Use the summary to understand the budget, authority (decision maker), need, and timeline based on various documents.
      • Get recommendations about the next best action based on your last activity.

Prepare for a sales meeting with Copilot in Microsoft Word

This feature is currently in Public Preview. General Availability is expected to be released in July 2024 and is enabled for Users automatically.

With Copilot for Sales, sellers can generate a detailed report in real time that brings key information and insights from CRM, which can be easily shared with colleagues, so the entire sales team is up to date.

This capability seamlessly integrates Copilot for Sales insights into the meeting preparation process. By auto-generating meeting preparation documents, you can get:

      • Participants’ status and related information such as their title and role from CRM.
      • A short summary of the Opportunity related to the meeting.
      • Summary of the previous email thread related to the meeting.
      • Summary of the previous meeting along with key insights and action items.
      • Tasks that are open for the related Opportunity.
      • Information about open Cases and additional open Opportunities relevant for the Account.

To use this capability, Copilot for Sales must be enabled in your environment, and you must have a Premium Copilot for Sales license.

Automatically save attachments when saving emails to CRM

This feature is expected to be released in July 2024 and will be enabled for users automatically.

When you save an email to your CRM platform from Copilot for Sales, any attachments are automatically saved along with the email. This helps you stay informed on both the email content and the useful information in attachments. By preserving this context, you enhance your ability, as a seller, to access vital information effortlessly, fostering deeper insights and smoother collaboration.

Copilot for Sales Saving


With these new features, Dynamics 365 Sales makes businesses more efficient, collaborative, and intelligent. Whether through AI-generated insights, streamlined automation, or enhanced coaching capabilities, these updates underscore Microsoft’s commitment to empowering sales teams and driving business growth through advanced CRM solutions.

As you gear up to leverage the latest features in Dynamics 365 Sales, or if you’re considering adopting Dynamics 365, we’re here to ensure your journey is seamless and successful. Whether you’re ready to explore these updates or have questions about implementation, our team is eager to assist.